FTX and Crypto.com Which One is the Most Suitable For You?

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FTX Vs Crypto.com

In the cryptocurrency market, the number of coins is rising every day. You can buy or sell cryptocurrency using cryptocurrency exchanges. The crypto exchanges are the fundamental requirement to buy or sell cryptocurrency.

The crypto exchanges are listed on the coinmarketcap. In the cryptocurrency industry, you’ll find several thieves and scammers visible. Over 500 cryptocurrency exchanges are listed on coinmarketcap to defraud and steal customer assets or money. In addition, the top cryptocurrency exchanges are listed on coinmarketcap. These cryptocurrency exchanges are reliable and utilized by millions of people in the market for cryptocurrency.

We’ll now be discussing FTX as well as Crypto.com. This is one of the two. However, the issue is. If both are the best exchanges which one do you choose is the most appropriate and reliable? You can choose a few aspects using these parameters, which is why we have compiled a list of some, for example, which has the lowest purchasing fees or has greater security and features, etc. Don’t worry about it. I’ve used them for several years and am researching the two exchanges. Today, I’ve discovered the advantages and cons of both exchanges. This includes its Exchange Security and best features. Continue reading this post, and you’ll discover the most appropriate crypto exchanges suitable for you. You’ll be able to determine the best for you and which is not, and under what conditions, you need to utilize both to get the best results.

FTX VS Crypto.com
FTX VS Crypto.com

FX VS Crypto.com: Exchange Security

Both can store funds offline in cold storage, giving us the best protection.

  • Password Strength and 2FA Requirements for these crypto exchanges.
  • 2FA for withdrawals and Withdrawal Passwords are among the most effective options.
  • Withdrawal Lock after Two-Factor Access or a Change of Password is also the best part.
  • Allow listing IPs

Differentiation between Crypto.com & FTX:

FTX: It is among the most reliable and secure cryptocurrency exchanges. It was established in 2019, and users have not encountered any hacking problems or losses due to technical problems. FTX is the safest cryptocurrency exchange around the globe.

Crypto.com is the first cryptocurrency exchange equipped with a Level one security level, but it has been hacked in recent years. Crypto.com has also acknowledged the theft of $33 million from users’ wallets. The exchange has since returned the number of assets stolen by hackers to affected users. Based on the scores of CoinGecko trust for exchanges, FTX is in the 6th spot in the rankings, and Crypto.com is in the 12th. We can now conclude that, based on the terms of a security evaluation, FTX is the clear winner.

Coins for trading that are available to trade

The exchanges listed have more than a hundred coins available on their platform. This means that you can choose from a wider range of coins to trade. This includes various coins across various categories, including metaverse, Pla9ys To Earn, Run to Earn and more.

FTX: The amount of coins in FTX stands at 327. It encompasses all major currencies, including BTC, ETH, BNB and other coins in popular categories like metaverse, NFTs and Web3 and more.

Crypto.com: The total number of coins on the coinmarketcap and the crypto.com exchange is 230. Crypto.com specifically includes the currency with a larger market cap on the coinmarketcap platform and is well-liked by the community.

Here is the obvious conclusion: FTX is the absolute winner.


When you open a new account, the fees are crucial. Since most cryptocurrency exchanges conceal their fees and fees to convince you to buy their services, this doesn’t be the case when you use FTX and Crypto.com because they are concerned about their customers and disclose fees, as well as no hidden charges. You can view the fees that both exchanges have:

Fees for FTX

Tier30 D Volume (USD)Maker FeesTaker Fees
2> 2,000,0000.015%0.060%
3> 5,000,0000.010%0.055%
4> 10,000,0000.005%0.050%
5> 25,000,0000.000%0.045%
6> 50,000,0000.000%0.40%

Ftx Fees table

FTT Holding (USD)Discount on FTX Trading feesOther privilege
$1,000,00040.00%Become tier4
$2,000,00045.00%Become a VIP 3
$3,000,00050.00%Become a VIP 4
$4,000,00055.00%Become a VIP 5
$5000,00060.00%Become a VIP6

FTT holdings

Crypto.com Fees

Level300 spot Trading volume (USD)MakerTaker
level 1<250,0000.0750%0.0750%
level 2≥ 250,0000.0700%0.0720%
level 3≥ 1,000,0000.0650%0.0690%
Level 4≥5,000,0000.0600%0.0650%
level 5≥10,000,000Zero0.0500%

FTX Vs Crypto.com

FTX Vs Crypto.com

After having seen their fee rate, FTX is the winner once more.

FTX Vs Crypto.com

FTX Vs Crypto.com

FTX Vs Crypto.com

FTX Vs Crypto.com

FTX Vs Crypto.com

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