GRR Dividend Yield 2022, Date | Grange Resources dividend history

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Grange Resources dividend history: Abstract: This article will provide all details about Grange Resources’ dividend history and GRR dividend dates for 2022. Additionally, we’ll look at Grange Resources dividend reinvestment, whether Grange Resources is a good buy and whether I should consider investing with Grange Resources.

What exactly is Grange Resources (ASX: GRR)

Grr manages an integrated mining operation for iron ore and the business of producing pellets in Tasmania’s northwest region. Grange Resources’ primary mission is to manufacture the raw materials needed for steel production using efficient and cost-effective techniques. Grange Resources’ actions are targeted at stakeholders and are flexible and efficient. Mines located in Savage river, Port Latta and Southdown are part of Grange Resources Ltd. Jiangsu Shagang is the main stakeholder and client of the company.

GRR dividend dates 2022

SummaryPrevious dividendNext dividend
Per share10c
Declaration date25 Feb 2022 (Fri)24 Aug 2022 (Wed)
Ex-div date11 Mar 2022 (Fri)12 Sep 2022 (Mon)
Pay date29 Mar 2022 (Tue)29 Sep 2022 (Thu)
GRR dividend dates 2022

Grange Resources Limited (GRR) dividend history

Distribution TypeDividendEx-dividend datePayment dateDividendYield
H F Result10¢11 Mar 202229 Mar 202210.08%
Result10¢15 Dec 202129 Dec 202110.08%
Result13 Sep 202130 Sep 202110.08%
H F Result12 Mar 202130 Mar 202110.08%
Result11 Sep 202030 Sep 202010.08%
H F Result13 Mar 202030 Mar 202010.08%
Result10 Sep 201927 Sep 201910.08%
H F Result14 Mar 201929 Mar 201910.08%
Result11 Sep 201826 Sep 201810.08%
H F Result13 Mar 201828 Mar 201810.08%
H F Result0.5¢14 Mar 201729 Mar 201710.08%
Result0.5¢8 Sep 201627 Sep 201610.08%
H F Result13 Mar 20152 Apr 201510.08%
Final12 Mar 20144 Apr 201410.08%
Interim11 Sep 20132 Oct 201310.08%
Final8 Mar 20133 Apr 201310.08%
Interim11 Sep 20122 Oct 201210.08%
Final3 Apr 201227 Apr 201210.08%
Interim21 Sep 201113 Oct 201110.08%
Grange Resources dividend history

Grange Resources dividend reinvestment

We don’t have any concrete information regarding Grange Resources’ dividend reinvestment. We don’t want to give our customers only half-truths or incorrect details.

Are grange resources an option to buy?

Grange resources is an excellent investment because its revenue is growing daily. In addition, the EBIT margins have increased by 22.5 Percent, which is awe-inspiring. Additionally, if you look at an exchange rate chart of GRR, you’ll notice an upward trend over the past five years. If you are looking for a longer-term investment, then for sure, you should consider this stock. However, please make sure you do your research before investing in any business.

Should I invest in resources from grange?

It’s up to you, however, from our point of view it’s true, due to many factors such as the constant increase in the price of shares since the beginning of last year. The shares of AU$87 million are held by insiders, creating an image of the company operating excellently. Another reason is that their EBIT margins have grown in 2022 contrasted to previous years.


Does GRR pay dividends?

Its dividend yield is 16.22 per cent. The term “dividend yield” is the number of dividends paid multiplied by the share price. The average dividend payout over the five years was 7.19 per cent. The GRR Dividend payout rate is 55.89 per cent.

Is GRR an investment worth the risk?

Grange Resources Ltd.’s quote is equivalent to 0.700 AUD as of 2022-09-30. Based on our projections, an increase over the long term is anticipated, and the “GRR” estimate of the stock’s value in 2027, September 27, is 2.652 USD. If you make a five-year investment and a 5-year forecast, revenue is expected to be +278.79 per cent.


In the end, we have also discussed the GRR dividend date of 2022 and the grange resource dividend history. A stake in this kind of share could be profitable over time as the demand for iron ore is increasing daily in the world at an alarming rate.

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