What Jobs can you Get at 14 Years Old? + 20 Companies hiring

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You’ll be thrilled to find out that there are plenty of opportunities for teenagers 14 years old on the market. They are being employed as a teen is an exciting opportunity for you.

Every job on this list will allow you to earn money and meet your desires. You’ll be earning money and also gaining essential experiences for your resume. You can use the cash to purchase your preferred music album or clothing, pay for your college fees, or purchase a brand-new vehicle.

The best jobs for teenagers

What Jobs can you Get at 14 Years Old + 20 Companies hiring
What Jobs can you Get at 14 Years Old + 20 Companies hiring


You may work in fast-food or retail outlets to accept payments, issue receipts or refunds, track the cash, and then balance in the drawer for cash.


Caddies are employed in country clubs and on golf courses. They are in charge of transporting golf bag bags, securing flags, talking to players about which clubs to use, raking the sand bunkers, and cleaning the golf ball.


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If you can make decent coffee, then attempt to become a barista. Coffee shops employ baristas to make drinks, assist customers when selecting their menu items, and keep the area of work, equipment, and the sitting area tidy.

What Jobs can you Get at 14 Years Old + 20 Companies hiring
What Jobs can you Get at 14 Years Old + 20 Companies hiring


You could also work in the restaurant as a busser. You will clean the tables of utensils and glasses from tables, scrub the dining areas, assist with beverage refilling, and transport food items to tables.


If you’re excellent at school, Why not leverage your skills to earn money? As a tutor, your job is to assist students in focusing on their education, comprehending the concepts, and help them prepare for their examinations. You must give individual time to each student and instruct them on a particular topic.

Dog walkers

A dog walker’s job could be ideal if you’re a pet lover. You must take the dogs to walk and to exercise. You can take one or several dogs at once. The length of your walk for every dog will vary based on the dog’s health and breed and your client’s requirements and preferences.

Grocery bagger

Bagging groceries is a simple job that assists customers as they go to the supermarket by arranging and transferring the grocery bags to the customers’ vehicles.


Lifeguards are employed at private and public pools and are responsible for maintaining the pool’s surroundings. Their job is to ensure that guests adhere to safety guidelines and provide immediate assistance like CPR until an emergency team arrives.

Camp counselor

The camp counselor will spend time with children who enjoy being outdoors and in the sun. If you can lead children and love having fun with them, then the camp counselor position could be perfect for you.


At 14, you’re likely to be proficient at cooking. This skill can be used to earn some money. Dishwashers are usually employed in establishments. They clean the dishes and cookware. They put the dishes in the proper order.


The occupation that provides the most chances for a 14- or fifteen-year-old is child care. It is possible to get it fast and efficiently and also give you an excellent salary. Earn between 13 to 18…

What Jobs can you Get at 14 Years Old + 20 Companies hiring
What Jobs can you Get at 14 Years Old + 20 Companies hiring

If you’re seeking an opportunity to babysit, You can submit your application to BabySits, an online community dedicated to this field. On Jooble, you can also find jobs that are open to 14-year-olds with no experience.

Car Washer

Automatic car washes replace manual washes. It’s a job where you can earn anywhere from 10 to $15 an hour. Although it’s been trendy, you’ll need to look long and find it hard to locate one. However, you can procure the materials needed to complete the task, like at your local.

Paper Delivery Person

Newspapers continue to provide job opportunities to students interested in gaining job experience. The application process is easy, but a permit for work might be required. The salary is reasonable. If you’re interested in providing newspapers, visit your local newspaper and verify the prerequisites.

Pet Sitter

As children also require care and attention, pets are too. It’s a fantastic opportunity to earn money since it’s a job typically offered to children between 14 to fifteen years of age. The best part is that it requires only focus and attention. Additionally, it complies with the legal requirements for part-time work-study for minors.

The amount you earn also differs. However, you could earn an average of $15-$18 for an hour.

Garden Assistant

Gardening is an excellent job for people looking to build their experience. If you’re adept at gardening, You can look for opportunities as a gardener in your local area and on platforms such as Indeed and Snagajob. According to ZipRecruiter, the pay range is between $14 and $25.

Pool Cleaner

Many of your neighbors may have pools, especially if you live in an area with large houses. An alternative is to be the pool cleaner. Since it’s not more than a few hours per day, this can be beneficial when attending school.

As with the car wash and the car wash job, you can purchase tools to boost your credibility. This job is where you make around $10 to $15 an hour and might have fewer demands than others.

Fast Food Worker

If a teenager is thinking of working, they instantly imagine fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s and Burger King. These are businesses that take children and generally offer decent benefits. Pay will vary based on the business, and you’ll likely be required to submit a work application and permit.

Office Worker

The jobs align with the timetables that a teenager with no prior experience must perform. If you are in your city’s financial district, You can visit one of the numerous offices to determine whether they’re seeking individuals as interns or who can assist them with the basics of their work. It’s a job that pays well that doesn’t require physical fitness.

Golf Caddy

It’s an opportunity that pays around $14 an hour. There is no prior knowledge of golf needed. All you need to do is assist the golfer on the 18 holes. It could be used as an education if you’re keen on golf. If there are clubs in your area where golf is practiced, you can take advantage of them. If you need help locating jobs for 14-year-olds near me, you can also locate jobs for 14-year-olds near me.

Teen Restaurant Busser

It’s a position where you can begin working even in the beginning if this is your first time. If you remain in the job and gain years of experience and time, you can advance within the restaurant. The median salary of $15 per hour. Fifteen dollars an hour (varies depending on the state). ).

The best companies to offer jobs for teenagers.

Many businesses employ 14-15-year-old teenagers. There are a few of them:

  • McDonald’s: Hires crew members. Having a valid work permit that your legal representative endorses is helpful.
  •  Six Flags: This is one of the most famous Amusement parks in the United States. You can apply for opportunities if you’re either 14 or 15. Remember that the requirements vary from state to state. Find out about jobs open near you on the Six Flags website.
  •  Dairy Queen: If you like ice cream, you’ve probably visited this place. There are over 4000 branches across the nation. This is a great location to find an entry-level job when you’re over 14. You can be a cleaner, cashier, and so on. On Dayry Queen’s website, you will find available jobs near you.
  •  Burger King: It is comparable in appearance to Mc Donalds. It is an excellent job for youngsters since it doesn’t require dangerous tasks. Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/burger-king/
  •  Taco Bell: a restaurant with many years of tradition throughout. Taco Bell has a long history in the United States. It is, therefore, a great location to begin your career. There is even the opportunity to receive a scholarship for those looking for a job to help pay for college. Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/taco-bell/

There are also looking for jobs for teenagers who have no prior experience at the following businesses:

  • AMC Theatres Employs ushers as well as concessions workers
  •  Baskin-Robbins: Hires team members
  •  Bruster’s: Hires team members
  •  Chick-fil-A Employs team members
  •  Boston Market: Team members are hired by Boston Market
  •  Kroger and Affiliates Employs stockers or baggers
  •  Wendy’s: Hires cashiers
  •  Winn-Dixie & affiliates: Hires baggers
  •  SafewayHires Cashiers, clerks for courtesy, cart attendants, and cashiers

Online jobs for 14 years old that you could apply to

If you’re still struggling to find a job in your town, whether it’s babysitting, cashiering, or even washing automobiles, the best aspect of Generation Z, the current generation of young people can know how to navigate the internet.

What Jobs can you Get at 14 Years Old + 20 Companies hiring
What Jobs can you Get at 14 Years Old + 20 Companies hiring

If you’ve had experience in video games and web development, design, or photography or design, it’s also possible to find a job working in this UX sector. It’s a good idea to start your blog or be an independent contractor for certain businesses. In this instance, you could require permission from your parents.

If you are also proficient with social networks such as TikTok and have over 1000 followers on your account, then you could create a brand image by creating exciting content. This could also make you an influencer. Open your YouTube channel and begin monetizing.

Employment requirements and laws for teenagers who have yet to gain prior experience.

Similar to every other job, you must meet a specific number of requirements to be eligible. In this case, it is not just particular rules but also statutes. Keep in mind that you’re underage. This is why it is essential to be aware of a few aspects, especially in the context of a legal issue.

One instance is that children 14 years old can work at least three hours a week. This is the most extended period. Therefore, if you come across any restaurant, company, or another type of business that demands you to work longer than 4 hours, it’s likely to be a violation.

Concerning the work shift, it only is completed at night time. This means that you must complete your job before 7 at night. You can for up to eight hours if it’s not a school day. Remember these guidelines:

  • If you can find an opportunity to work part-time that allows 14-year-olds, the company has to allow you to take an uninterrupted break of at least 15 minutes, and they must do it every two minutes (minimum).
  •  You can work as many as 18 hours during the school day.
  •  Averaging at least 40 hours a week is permissible, particularly for those who attend school.
  •  It is possible to start the task at 7 am and finish it at 7 pm.

Keep in mind that you might have to have a work permit in certain states if you are under the age of (14 or older). So, this is the primary obligation.

If you need clarification regarding this particular issue, Ask your student advisor whether you can apply for jobs for teenagers in my area. (You can visit the State Department of Labor for additional information).

Are there jobs that people who aren’t old enough aren’t able to do?

On a national scale, Certain laws safeguard children regarding work. If a teenager of 14 is keen on working and can do so, they can do it. But, they must be aware that there are specific jobs they cannot perform.

Notably, any job which is risky or requires any physical force that can cause injury (this also applies to mental health, which is true in different ways) is not allowed to be performed by those who are qualified for it. Thus, the tasks they are not able to perform are related to these:

  • Mining.
  •  Construction.
  •  Excavation.
  •  Explosive or radioactive materials.
  •  Any job which requires the use of heavy equipment.
  •  Public Utilities

In this way, minors are not allowed to be employed in manufacturing firms to unload trucks or perform tasks that require elevated cleaning of areas like roofs.

The minimum wage of jobs that take 14-year-olds

It is usually $4.25 per hour, representing the Federal Minimum Wage. However, it varies depending on the place of work, the type of job, and many other aspects.

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