Slice Credit Card Review And Features | Is Slice Credit Card Safe ?

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The Fintech industry is the newest explosion in the market. On November 8th, 2016, following the demonetization of the old 500 and $1,000 Rs Notes, online payments were the latest big thing on the market. Following demonetization, the Govt. of India introduced the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). The UPI revolutionized the market by introducing digital payment methods and the introduction of fintech firms. Then comes Slice Credit Card into play.

Slice can be described as a lending platform for digital devices that provides you with Slice Super Credit Cards in partnership with various NBFCs. Through this Slice Super Credit Card, you can earn as much as 2% cash back on each transaction as a reward.

Slice is accepted by 99.95 per cent of the merchants in the United States that accept Visa. Slice typically targets young people, and therefore they provide an option with fewer criteria for eligibility. It has no joining charges or annual charges (No concealed charges). Trust me when I say that Slice is for anyone and every person out there.

How To Get Started With The Slice Credit Card?

  • 1. Visit the Google Play Store, Search for “Slice Credit Card”, & install the Slice App.
  • Step 2. Start the app, and enter your email address to verify or select the email address from the list already shown.
  • Step 3. Once your email address has been confirmed, you’ll be asked for a mobile phone number.
  • Step 4: Input your phone number. Then accept the terms and conditions, the hit “Continue”. The Slice app will automatically verify the mobile phone number you enter—slice application with the help of OTP.
  • Step 5:  Fill in your personal information, and then choose whether you’re a salaried or student or self-employed, then click “Continue”.
  • Step 6:  At this point, the Slice application will ask you for your PAN Card number. Enter it. After that, the Slice app will be able to retrieve your CIBIL Score automatically.
  • Step 7:  You now need to confirm that you’re qualified for the Slice Credit Card by entering your basic details about your employment. “These details can differ between individuals For instance, for those who are salaried will need to input details about the company in which they currently work and their monthly pay as well as a salary slip or bank statement, etc. In contrast for self-employed persons they will need to decide what exactly they are doing like freelancing or Social Media Influencing on YouTube etc.”
  • Step 8. Step 8: The Slice application will ask you for the details of your Selfie for you to finish the Slice profile.
  • Step 9 After that, the Slice application will direct users to the KYC Verification page. From there, you will need to sign your KYC through Aadhaar. It’s easy, input the 16-digit Aadhaar Number and then type into the Aadhaar OTP you received.
  • Step 10: Now, they’ll retrieve the details associated with your mobile phone number, which was used to sign up for Slice. Slice App. “After the completion of all these steps, Slice will offer you a Credit Limit & they’ll deliver a Physical Slice VISA Super Card right to your home address within a few days of Approval.”

Slice Credit Card Features & Benefits

  1. You’ll get instant cashback of 2% regardless of the amount you spend your money.
  2. The Slice Credit Card limit ranges from 2000 rupees to 10 lacs.
  3. It can be used throughout the United States to make POS and online transactions. It is possible to repay the loan in easy instalments, OR you can pay the total amount in the following billing cycle if you choose not to select EMI.
  4. Slice can be accepted by 99.95 per cent of merchants worldwide since it’s a VISA card, and most businesses today will take VISA.
  5. Last, Slice Super Credit Card is free of joining or an annual fee.

Slice credit card fees

Joining FeeRs 0
Annual FeeRs 0
Slice credit card fees

Slice rewards from credit cards

Each time that you utilize a slice credit card for transactions you’ll receive “Monies transactions,” in terms of reward. If you spend 1 rupee then you will receive 1 Monies as a reward. Later, you can turn the money you have collected into cashback using the Slice credit card’s official mobile app.

0 to less than 3 Lakhs1%
3 Lakhs to less than 5 lakhs1.5%
More than 5 Lakhs2%
Slice rewards from credit cards

Slice spark partners

  1. 10% cashback on Myntra
  2. 10% cashback on IRCTC
  3. 25% cashback on Flipkart
  4. Rs 30 cashback on DTH recharge

You can earn different rewards when you purchase through special partners in the slices. These partners are typically large brands such as Apple, Samsung, etc. You could earn as much as 30% cashback if you’re a Slice user.

How can I pay my Slice Credit Card Bills?

You can pay off your charges by simply using the Slice App. When you launch the Slice application, your invoice for the billing period will appear on the Home Page. It is as easy as clicking upon”Repay” and then clicking on the “Repay” option & then you can proceed to pay. You can also pay the amount via Internet Banking or UPI, depending on what is most suitable for your needs.


Is credit card Slice safe?

Yes, the Slice Card and its services are entirely safe and secure. But, it is essential to make payments in time to avoid fees for late payments.

What are the drawbacks that come with Slice? What is the disadvantage of the Slice credit card?

Credit card rewards in-slice rates are lower compared to other credit cards.
You will need to join your social media accounts for a credit card.
The credit card app Slice will ask for camera photographs locations, contacts and SMS permission.
The process of closing credit cards is slow because of less than active support for customers.

What happens if I don’t pay Slicepay?

Earned money will be taken out of your account, late fees will be charged to late fees, and interest on late payments will be added to the bill. All in all, this could impact your score on credit.

My final words to Slice Super Credit Card:

The Slice could be the ideal alternative to get a credit limit for people who are first-time users of credit. With the Easy and Superfast onboarding process, customers are enjoying the app. Suppose you’re bored of trying different fintech solutions for a Credit Card or a credit limit. In that case, you should try Slice out, as it offers the most simple eligibility requirements compared to other Credit or Loan applications on the market.

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