2022 Westpac dividend dates | Westpac dividend history (WBC)

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2022 Westpac dividend dates | Westpac dividend history (WBC): Westpac is the first Australian bank and the oldest business, one of the four largest banking institutions in Australia and one of the biggest institutions in New Zealand. Westpac offers a wide range of business, consumer and institution-based banking and wealth management solutions through various financial service businesses and brands. It was founded in 1817 under the Bank of New South Wales. The company was renamed in 1982. brand name and became Westpac Banking Corporation in 1982. Over the past 200 years, we have played a significant part in the socio-economic structure of Australia. This post will look at Westpac dividend dates for 2022 and WBC historical dividends.

Westpac dividends to be paid in 2022

SectorMarket Cap($m)Distribution TypeDividendFrankingEx-dividend datePayment dateCurrent PricePrice7D AvgDividendYield
Financials$74,504Result61¢100%19 May 202224 Jun 2022$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504H F Result60¢100%5 Nov 202121 Dec 2021$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504Result58¢100%13 May 202125 Jun 2021$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504H F Result31¢100%11 Nov 202018 Dec 2020$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504H F Result80¢100%12 Nov 201920 Dec 2019$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504Result94¢100%16 May 201924 Jun 2019$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504H F Result94¢100%13 Nov 201820 Dec 2018$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504Result94¢100%17 May 20184 Jul 2018$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504H F Result94¢100%13 Nov 201722 Dec 2017$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504Result94¢100%18 May 20174 Jul 2017$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504H F Result94¢100%14 Nov 201621 Dec 2016$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504Result94¢100%12 May 20164 Jul 2016$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504H F Result94¢100%11 Nov 201521 Dec 2015$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504Result93¢100%13 May 20152 Jul 2015$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504H F Result92¢100%10 Nov 201419 Dec 2014$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504Result90¢100%14 May 20142 Jul 2014$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504Final98¢100%8 Nov 201319 Dec 2013$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504Interim96¢100%13 May 20132 Jul 2013$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504Final84¢100%9 Nov 201220 Dec 2012$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504Interim82¢100%14 May 20122 Jul 2012$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504Final80¢100%7 Nov 201119 Dec 2011$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504Interim76¢100%16 May 20114 Jul 2011$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504Final74¢100%8 Nov 201020 Dec 2010$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504Interim65¢100%17 May 20102 Jul 2010$21.280$21.8005.69%
Financials$74,504Final60¢100%9 Nov 200921 Dec 2009$21.280$21.8005.69%
Westpac Banking Corporation (WBC) – Dividends | WBC dividend dates 2022

Westpac Dividend Summary

  • The next Westpac Banking Corp dividend is expected to be paid in two months and out in four months.
  • The previous Westpac Banking Corp dividend was the 61c mark and was paid three months before and two months before the date.
  • Generally, there are two dividends yearly (barring specials), and the profits cover is generally 1.0.

Westpac (WBC) Ex-dividend Date 2022

Financial Half Year end31 March 2022
Interim results and dividend announcement9 May 2022
The ex-dividend date for the interim dividend19 May 2022
The record date for the interim dividend20 May 2022
Interim dividend payable24 June 2022
June Pillar 3 to be released 15 August 2022
Financial Year end30 September 2022
Closing date for receipt of director nominations before Annual General Meeting26 October 2022
Final results and dividend announcement7 November 2022
Ex-dividend date for final dividend17 November 2022
Record date for final dividend18 November 2022
Annual General Meeting14 December 20221
Final dividend payable 20 December 2022
Westpac Ordinary Shares (ASX code: WBC) | Westpac (WBC) ex-dividend date 2022

WBC General Information

GICS Sub-IndustryDiversified Banks
Market Cap ($M)74,503
WBC Share Price$21.280
Day High$21.450
Day Low$21.280
Last Close$21.270
WBC Share Price Movement$0.01 (  0.05% )
Westpac Share and General Information

WBC dividend dates


Is Westpac paying dividends in 2022?

Westpac’s 2022 interim ordinarily dividends were announced on 9 May 2022 and were paid on 24 June 2022. It was completely paid with Australian credits for franking at the corporate tax rate of 30%.

Can WBC pay a dividend?

Westpac Banking Corp (ASX: WBC) shareholders will be slightly richer when the company distributes its most recent dividend. The company is paying investors who qualify with a fully-franked interim dividend of 60 cents for each share.

Does Westpac have an ex-dividend?

Shares are listed at the ex-dividend date two business days before the record date. Record Date. Record date: The day that the register of Westpac’s Shareholders is closed to determine the right to receive the dividend.

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